About us

Foamiran Co. was established in 2000 with the aim of processing and producing foam products in Iran. As providing high quality and diverse foam products has always been the first priority of managers at Foamiran., therefore, traditional manufacturing procedure could not meet the technical standards required by the company. As a result, we decided to put into effect the “We Can Do It” slogan in Iran. In order to accomplish this goal, in year 2002, we installed and put into operation the first phase of our products in an area of 8500 square meters in well-equipped and specialized salons with an area of 4800 square meters. With assiduous efforts made by the company’s managers and colleagues, the company is now able to produce daily 1000 different types of sheets based on needs and market demands.

Following that process at the end of year 2010 and after receiving the reports of market demands on the national and international level, R & D department of the company studied and finally approved the plan for production enhancement and production line layout improvement for new products. In 2011, with the increase of the plant area from 8,500 square meters to 12,000 square meters and construction of a mechanical room with an area of 6500 square meters, the second phase of production line machinery was approved and put into operation; currently, the company has a daily capacity of more than 3000 sheets including polyethylene, EPDM, CR, SBR, rubber sheets used for industrial flooring with a thickness ranging from 5 mm to 100 mm, industrial foams in form of roll in different sizes and dimensions and other associated products, foams used in automotive industry, thermal insulating materials, sports flooring, foam for manufacturing bags and shoes, military foams, educational tools, toys and foams for industrial use.

Our company uses the latest technology of production and appropriate methods to identify target markets. Using such up-to-date methods and technologies has enabled us to have a broad access to global markets and, as a result, become one of the most important international exporters of foam products and EVA sheets.

Obtaining ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certifications by the company has been the result of hardworking and perseverance of all our staff. Achieving Iran National Standard Certificate and becoming a member of National Standard Institute in the field of industrial and EVA foams are the priorities of our managers in the near future.

 Foamiran intends to place the name of Iran on the mount of glory in this industry and to institutionalize the slogan “The First Choice, The Best Experience”.

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