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Our Products

At a glance

Foamiran products include various parts. We deal in various industries such as flooring and wall coverings (tatami, rubber and foam), all kinds of foam rolls, foam sheet, foam packing, foam bags and shoes, foam and automobile, foam for military supplies, all kinds of foam medical products, foam Insulating, foaming and flowering, and hundreds of other uses, we offer a variety of products.

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About Foamiran

Who are we ...

Foamiran largest manufacturer of EVA foam in Iran and the Middle East. Received international certifications of TUV of Germany prides foamiran to produce quality products and principles of production.Foamiran such products can be produced by foam Tatami flooring and rubber, educational games for children with colored foam, foam and flowering plants for crafts, foam used in the industries of shoes and prices properly cited. foamiran hardworking fruit selection as the world’s top 100 companies to produce quality products and export to the Middle East, Iranian, Asian and European countries have been achieved. Easy ways to purchase foam Tatami flooring and other products of the desired method is foamiran.

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Foamiran Honors

Certifications and honors

Foamiran, with a very high level of experience in producing various types of polyethylene foam, is proud to receive honors and honors from international exhibitions and organizations. We are going to put the name of Foamiran on the peaks of the foam industry in the world.

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