In this article, titled “What is the Characteristic of Foamiran Flower-making Foam?”, we intend to introduce you to all kinds of flower-making foams that are very useful and cost-efficient in handicrafts and decorative arts.

Characterization of Foamiran Flowering-making Foam

ویژگی فوم گلسازی فومیران چیست؟

Foamiran flower-making foam packages contain a number of flower-making foam sheets

These packages come in three different patterns:

  • Ordinary colored flower-making foam
  • Blender flower-making foam with color harmony
  • Glittered flower-making foam


Flower-making foams are either single-color or produced in a multi-color harmony. In another pattern, they are covered by a shiny glitter, giving an attractive look to the produced flowers.

Foamiran flower-making foam sheets are used for making a variety of foam flowers and a variety of handicrafts in art schools and training centers, such as preschools, kindergartens, and homes.

The raw materials of flower-making foams are made of high-quality hygienic foams, and the advantage of working with lower-making foams is that they are flexible and many beautiful flowers can be produced accordingly.

Blender flower-making foams are offered in a variety of beautiful colors and can even be painted in natural colors.

Blender flower-making foams come in 22 main colors and 20 custom colors that are easily used by female artists and will result in great added value for them.

An important point about flower-making foams is that the foams are washable.

Blender flower-making foams can be easily rinsed with water and no detergent is required for cleaning and polishing, and after washing, they return to their original color

Types of Flower-making Foam Packaging:

انواع بسته بندی فوم های گلسازی

Flower-making foam packaging comes in two models:

  • Small package (small pack, 50 sheets of 30×35 cm), thickness: 0.8 mm
  • Large package (large pack, 200 sheets of 60×70 cm), thickness: 0.8 mm and 2 mm

Another feature of Foamiran flower-making foams is that they are produced and supplied in a large factory equipped with the highest quality raw materials, under the supervision of gifted and experienced experts.

All raw materials in all production stages are entirely skin-friendly and do not cause skin sensitivity.

Various types of flower-making foams and handicraft foam are used in all fields of art and entertainment for both children and adults. In addition to making flowers, foams are used for handicrafts.

All Foamiran products are offered in packages.


Flower-making Foam Packaging Features:

  • All packs come in a variety of colors.
  • All flower-making foams are washable.
  • Products use proper raw materials and are skin-friendly.
  • All products have a health certificate
  • Products are highly flexible.
  • Products are lightweight and portable and convenient.

Note: Minimum order quantity is 1 pack

A note that should be pointed out is that all small packages of flower-making foams are available in 2 different colors and large packages are available in 4 different colors at customer’s choice.

Foamiran blender flower-making foams can be cut into different flowers in different sizes. Then, by warming up the different parts, you can give them the desired shape and put together the petals, and create beautiful flowers.

All Foamiran blender flower-making foams are produced in a variety of colors, providing every artist with an opportunity to create his or her own art and deliver natural-colored flowers to customers.

The artists indeed should note that these foams can also be painted and, if required, other natural colors can also be used to shade and darken the petals and leaves.

As mentioned above, iron can be applied to flower-making foams to get various shapes and make them look more natural.

Features of Blender Flower-Making and Craft Foams

You can find the information on the purchase and price of blender flower-making foams through the links accessible on the website. If you would like to make a purchase, contact the numbers on the site.

Foamiran craft foam is the best way to foster children’s creativity and talents in kindergartens and educational centers.

Another reason that these foams are used in children’s education centers is that they are entirely hygienic and skin-friendly and are produced and supplied in a variety of colors to suit the children’s moods and tastes. They encourage children to create their favorite crafts.

Handicraft foam is not just designed for the age group of kids and kindergarten children, but all age groups can use it in different ways.

They can even be creatively used in children’s books.

Using craft foams, moms and kindergarten instructors can crate best crafts and entertainment equipment to educate and entertain their children.

Craft foams can be used as follows:

  • As an animal to introduce children to different types of animals
  • As alphabet letters
  • To make decorative and other stuff for children such as fancy bags
  • To make types of flowers and decorations for homes and sales centers

These foams help you easily make any craft that comes to your mind.

The Advantage of Craft Foam over Paper and Paperboard:

مزیت فوم کاردستی نسبت به کاغذ و مقوا

In what follows, we will discuss the advantages of craft foam over colored paper and paperboard. These include:

  • They are less likely to break.
  • Have more flexibility.
  • These foams are easily cut with scissors, razors, and cutters.
  • Any kind of liquid glue, shoe glue, and thermal glue can be used for gluing the patches.
  • If you make an animal face or any other design, pen, marker, and crayons can be used to complete and draw details.
  • The most important point is that these foams are washable and are very hygienic.

To get more information on different types of Foamiran flower-making foams, you can easily make your purchase through Foamiran website. Doing so, you can cut out the intermediaries and directly source your desired product from Foamiran website at higher quality and reasonable prices.

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