Introducing all types of flooring

In the past decades, building floors were created and implemented with natural materials. Stone, ceramic and parquet were the most common material for covering building floors. Over time, buildings were constructed for different uses, and the need for floorings according to those uses was felt more than ever. Foamiran produces and introduces various types of flooring.

Today, however, different flooring types are produced for different uses. Soft foam floorings are the best choice for covering the floor at gyms and sports arenas, kindergartens, playgrounds, schoolyards, and playhouses.

We will next introduce soft foam floorings that are produced in different types:

What are Kids’ Room Floorings?

  • Tatami floorings are produced in different colors and sizes. Colored variants can be used as flooring for kids’ rooms, kindergartens, and playhouses. Some tatami floorings have various designs of animals and geometric shapes with different colors, and some are produced with different patterns and colors.
  • These patterned foam floorings aesthetically enhance the environment in addition to being safer for children.
  • The tatami flooring for kindergartens should have plenty of thickness and elasticity so as to prevent injuries to children in case of falling as much as possible.
  • The kindergarten foam floorings, like other tatami floorings, are made with puzzle-shaped edges, which are simply placed inside each other for installation so that the blocks are latched together.
  • Floorings parts are taken apart as easily as they are installed. These floorings can be washed continuously to keep the kindergarten or playhouse clean.
  • Happy and colorful designs, washability, adequate friction with the body, and elasticity have made tatami floorings the most popular for kindergarten and playhouses.
  • Many people use tatami floorings for covering the floors and walls of kids’ rooms to prevent injuries to their toddlers. As said previously, the colors and designs of tatami floorings are so diverse that you can easily find your desired design and match them with the other items in the house and the kids’ room. You can thus create a beautiful and unique layout according to your darling kids taste.


Tatami Flooring for Sports Arenas

Tatami flooring is unique among various floorings. Hearing about tatami flooring often reminds us of the floor at martial arts competitions. Tatami flooring is very popular for covering the floor at sports arenas.  People with knowledge and experience about foam floorings recommend tatami floorings for use in martial arts and aerobic sports arenas, since:

  • One of the best features of tatami floorings is their elasticity and that they are also relatively flat and parts-free. Tatami floorings guarantee the complete safety of athletes running and performing sports activities, since the specific features of foam create enough friction with the body to prevent people from slipping. Due to its desirable elasticity, tatami flooring is the safest in case of falling and preventing sports injuries.
  • Tatami floorings are installed easily with a locking mechanism. These floorings are easily separated and washed and don’t change colors and size after getting in contact with water and normal detergents.  They can be washed continuously without worrying about losing their color or changing their size to be more sanitary for sports arenas.
  • Tatami floorings are thick, strong, less elastic, and suitable for sports fields. In addition to being safe, they are suitable for sports activities and allow athletes in various weight classes to do their best.
  • These factors together make tatami flooring an excellent choice for running, jumping and very active sports. These floorings are produced from soft and strong foam in different thicknesses. You can select the most suitable thickness according to your use while purchasing foam floorings.


Pricing of Tatami Flooring

The price of tatami foam floorings depends on many factors, including elasticity and thickness. The designs and shapes used in patterned tatami floorings naturally increase their pricing. Similarly, thicker tatami mats are heavier and will cost more.

Contact us now for information about the pricing of tatami floorings, and consultation for choosing the suitable flooring.


Which Places are Tatami Floorings Not Suitable For?

Using tatami floorings is recommended for kindergartens, playhouses, kids’ rooms, and martial arts, aerobic, and yoga arenas. Many people purchasing foam floorings incorrectly assume that the cover at parks and children’s playgrounds is the same as tatami floorings. Even very thick tatami floorings are not suitable for open spaces, and it is recommended to use granular or rubber floorings for such places.

These floorings are produced in two types, namely normal and egg carton. The based or egg carton type prevents contact between the flooring and rain water on the ground so that floorings don’t decay.

Tatami floorings are also not suitable for bodybuilding and weightlifting gyms. It is recommended to use other flooring types to cover bodybuilding gyms since the heavy metal equipment and weights may damage tatami.

As stated, tatami floorings are not suitable for playgrounds and parks due to sunlight and placement of heavy equipment, which tear and decay them.


What are Granules or Shock-Proof Rubber Floorings?

Next up in our introduction of floorings is granular flooring. Granular floorings are used for covering bodybuilding and weightlifting gyms as well as parks and playgrounds. Granular floorings are made from rubber powder or granules and a special adhesive, and are hence very durable.

The strength and durability of granular flooring against rain and sunlight makes it the best choice for covering parks and children’s playgrounds. Granular floorings have the suitable elasticity and softness for sports activities and running while being safe for individuals in case of falling.

Granular floorings are produced in normal and based types (for wet and rainy regions) and in different colors, thicknesses and dimensions.

Due to their high durability and strength, granular or rubber floorings are suitable for warehouses or places with heavy objects or equipment.


Introducing Carpet Foam Floorings

Carpet foam floorings are made by gluing carpets on tatami floorings. This type of flooring is suitable for people who would like to benefit from tatami flooring’s advantages in their environment and have floorings that appear as a carpet.

Carpet foam floorings can be used in kindergartens, playhouses, and homes. By purchasing carpet foam floorings, you can simultaneously have the carpet’s texture and softness and tatami’s shock proofing and safety features.

Foamiran is one of the biggest producers of foam and foam products with quality and healthy raw materials in a factory kitted with advanced equipment and an experienced workforce. Products can be delivered to any city in Iran. Foamiran’s products are exported to 45 countries and have had an important role in advancing Iran’s foam exports. All foams have diverse colors and different stiffness.

Foamiran’s products have the health certificate as well as ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001, Sgs, and HIC.



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