Photo Frame using Craft Foam

Craft Foam Projects are something that are absolutely safe for kids :). Well, I too love them because these are light weight, easy to handle, flexible and colorful. These are inspirational projects that are good to do with kids in your homes or in play schools. Craft Foam takes minute to shape and results in attractive and cute piece always. A pack of colorful foams and child-safe scissors can offer your child hours of imaginative activity fun. You can get different types of craft foams in the market like glitter foam, plain foams, thick round foams (ball shape), designer foams, etc. However for this project you can use any type of craft foam you get. In this project we will be making a photo frame decorated only with the colorful craft foams using simple and basic steps and shapes. Let’s get started by collecting the material you’ll need.


¤ Craft Foam

¤ Mount Board

¤ O.H.P. Sheet

¤ Craft Knife

¤ White adhesive (Fevicol)

¤ Double Sided Tape

¤ Scale

¤ Pencil


Step 1: Take a mount board and cut it in square shape measuring 18 cm from all sides. Children are advised to take help of an adult to cut the mount board.

Step 2: Cut an O.H.P. Sheet in the same size as of mount board. O.H.P. Sheet is a best substitute of glass. It is light weight and unbreakable, and I love it.

Step 3: Keep the trimmed O.H.P. Sheet aside. Now, make a circle on the mount board with a pencil according to the photo size.

Step 4: Paste double sided tape on any three sides of the frame as you can see in the picture shown below. One side is left without applying double sided tape, just to make a space for inserting a picture in the photo frame.

Step 5: Now slightly place the trimmed O.H.P. Sheet on the mount board.

Step 6: Here comes the interesting part! Cut a variety of shapes of different colors like hearts, stars, flowers, circles, spooky shapes, triangles etc.

Step 7: Arrange and paste them according to your interest. Keep in mind to paste the shapes outside the circle line. Give a look at the image below to have an idea.

Step 8: Now the question is, how to place it? Well, there are 2 ways to place your photo frame. One is to hang it on a wall or a door, and second one is to place it on a table with a help of a back stand. I’ll illustrate you the both ways. So if you want to hang it paste a thread on the top of the frame. See the picture below.

  Step 9: In case you want to place it with a help of a back stand, follow below grounded steps. 

  • Cut a rectangular shape from a cardboard.
  • Slightly fold and divide it in three parts.

Harden it by covering it with completely with a paper tape.

Paste it at the back side of the photo frame and you’re done.

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