Special Foam Roll for Producing Rolled Flooring

This article will introduce various Foamiran foam rolls intended for rolled flooring and other industrial applications.

Foam rolls are important insulators against cold and heat, as well as noise pollution.

Today, industrialists and businesses are familiar with the application of these insulators and have been able to determine this technology’s place in their dependent industries and optimally use various foam sheet products.

Foam rolls or rolled foam is produced by the Foamiran industrial group and has many applications in various industries.

The industries that use various foam roll models are as follows:

  • Producing rolled flooring
  • Producing bags and shoes
  • The automotive industry
  • The insulation industry
  • The shipbuilding industry
  • The construction industry
  • Interior decoration for insulating and underlaying various parquet floorings

Foam rolls are used in all these sectors and have become popular among various industrial engineers.

EVA Foam Roll Specifications

مشخصات فوم‌ رول های EVA

Foamiran foam rolls are produced using the latest technology and are among the highest quality.

The most important point of these foam rolls is their very high strength, especially when they are also very flexible.

An important factor of this foam roll model in industrial uses is its resistance to surface tension and tearing.

This product is produced from EVA foam and has a suitable strength and density.

This product’s physical specifications are as follows:

    • This foam roll’s thickness ranges from 1 to 10mm and is produced in 1.5m width.
    • They are available in different colors for certain industries.
    • ۱٫۸ and 2mm thick foam rolls are used for building flooring and parquet underlaying.
    • This foam roll model is very high quality, controls and limits flooring noise or eliminates it, and also prevents their decay.
    • This foam roll acts as an insulator and prevents energy waste.

    They are also known as parquet flooring or silent foam roll.

    The Features of Foamiran Foam Roll:

    • Various dimensions and thicknesses
    • High resistance to surface tension
    • High quality and healthy raw material
    • No scraping surfaces
    • Uniform thickness across the surface
    • Black and white coloring, as well as customized coloring for high orders

    It is a new foam roll with aluminum foil and unique physical features, and is excellent for preventing heat permeation as well as heat, humidity, and noise insulation.

    This foal roll’s effectiveness in light and heat reflection is one of its unique features.
    These foam rolls are also used for covering water coolers in order to prevent energy waste in hot summer days and heat waste in houses or workplaces in winter.

    Foamiran foam rolls have the highest quality compared to similar products on the market since they are produced from quality raw materials and according to production standards. They are designed, produced and offered by expert engineers and workers.

    This product has the health and standard certificates and is produced in Foamiran’s large and well-equipped factory.

    Introducing the TVRG Foam Roll

    معرفی فوم رول TVRG

    For the first time in Iran and the Middle East, a new generation of low density foam roll called TVRG is produced in Foamiran’s factory. This product has a low density (20 to 30) and is more cost effective for various industries.

    The special foam rolls used for producing TVRG flooring will be introduced next, which are produced in various dimensions and thicknesses with 50m length and 1 to 5mm thicknesses.

    Foam rolls are produced and offered with high quality and healthy foam using advanced equipment and expert and talented engineers and workers in Foamiran’s factory.

    The Features of TVRG Foam Rolls:

    • Various dimensions and thicknesses
    • High resistance to surface tension
    • High quality and healthy raw material
    • No scraping surfaces
    • Uniform thickness across the surface

    The Applications of TVRG Foam Rolls:

      • Used in medical mattresses
      • Producing bags and shoes
      • Packaging industries
      • The automotive industry
      • Producing rolled flooring

      And other industries that were introduced previously.

      Notice: 5 is the minimum order for this foam roll model.

      What are Ribbed Foam Rolls?

      فوم رول های آجدار چیست؟

      Ribbed foam rolls are a new series of Foamiran products that are special foam rolls produced for rolled flooring.

      This foam roll model is produced and offered in black and white.

      The most important point of foam rolls like the previous two models is their high strength and flexibility, and the ribbed foam roll’s resistance to surface tensions and tearing are among its main advantage in industries.

      Ribbed foam rolls are designed and produced in various dimensions and thicknesses and are used by various industrial, domestic, and medical cases.

      Ribbed foam rolls have the following features:

      • Various dimensions and thicknesses
      • High resistance to surface tension
      • High quality and healthy raw material
      • No scraping surfaces
      • Precise and uniform thickness across the surface

      The Applications of the Ribbed Foam Roll:

      • Producing carpet sandals
      • Producing hotel sandals
      • Producing disposable sandals
      • Producing rolled flooring

      In this article, we have tried our best to introduce you to various Foamiran foam rolls. If you are active in any industrial sector that requires quality and durable foam rolls, you only have to visit the Foamiran website to satisfy your needs in any sizes and dimensions.

      You as our valued customers can also contact the phone numbers given in the website to speak to our consultants and confirm your purchase easily without any mediators between you and the Foamiran factory.

      Foamiran’s consultants can guide you and introduce our products and their application to help you purchase from the Foamiran factory.


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