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What you need to know about this product ...

Using foam to produce educational products leads to children using them better and more easily while varying the products. Fomairan’s educational products are suitable for educating children. These products include educational books, educational puzzles, magnet letters and numbers, foam clocks and …. The educational letters are for children to learn Farsi and English alphabet easily so that while they are becoming familiar with English and Farsi numbers they will also become familiar with Farsi and English letters and learn them. Moreover the foam books contain educational materials. Using foam to manufacture educational products can help children better relate to them since they are soft and flexible. In addition the use of different colors makes them more attractive.

What are educational games?

Nowadays educational games refer to games which result in the children consciously developing their psychological and personal capabilities through practice.

These games give exercises and progress without putting pressure on the children they do this based on the child’s will. They also emphasize the map, objective and the knowledge which was taught beforehand or the teachings which were practiced.

Different types of educational games:

There are four different games for nurseries and kindergartens including:

Common dexterity- play- physical and educational games

The entertaining games which also emphasize educating the children can be selected from among them.

Although educational games are considered fun activities they are very different from other games. When toddlers play these sorts of games we must insert special elements in them so that we can accomplish the intended objective and maintain its educational purposes.