Foam Mensch and Snakes and Ladders

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What you need to know about this product ...

Entertaining children by creative and intellectual methods is of high importance.

Games and entertainments must satisfy the child’s sense of creativity which should be developed by activities such as painting, playing with Lego toys, brain teasers, handicrafts, and puzzles, and wearing animal masks.

Parents look for toys that are not only used to spend children’s time, but also to entertain and train them.

By taking into account the children’s need to entertainment and brain teaser games, Foamiran Co. has manufactured the most suitable fun toys using sanitary foam in various colors, one of which is the Foam Mensch and Snakes and Ladders.

These foam toys have many advantages. For example, their foam substance and flexibility prevents them from breaking, and since these foams are sanitary, they are skin-compatible and do not harm children.