Foamiran flower making glitter foam

Main features

  •   Various colors
  •   Washable
  •   Skin compatible
  •   No harmful chemicals
  •   High flexibility
  •   High heat resistance
  •   Has a standard
  •   Lightweight and portable
  •   High Quality

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What you need to know ...

WE ARE FOAMIRAN FARAVARDEHAYE ESFANJ FOAM MIRAN CO with the brand name FOAMIRAN with registration number: 10100147292, hereby announce that our flower-making foam (Foamiran) with the brand name Foamiran F30 has a composition that meets the following requirements and has all the components of health and hygiene, and this product is compatible with the skin, free of harmful chemicals and antibacterial. And is produced by environmental protection patterns.

Foamiran flower making is used in educational schools to train and make decorative flowers. Flower-making Glitter foam is produced in the form of sheet foams in dimensions of 60*70 and 30*35 cm and thickness of 0.8 mm to 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, etc. They can be cut into different flowers, shaped, and put together to create beautiful bouquets.

Foamiran flower-making Glitter foams are available in various colors so that you can produce any products with natural colors. Of course, if needed other natural colors can be used to add to these foams.

These foams can be modeled using ironing heat, Flowering foams are either monochromatic or are produced in a multi-color harmony. The other model covers a kind of shiny wreath on its surface and gives an attractive view of the produced flowers.

خرید فوم اکلیلی گلسازی فومیرانQuality and standard

Foamiran flower-making Glitter foams have a high level of quality and the raw materials used in them are the best and high-quality paints are used in their production. All the necessary points and standards are observed in their production and in addition to high accuracy during production, the product is also evaluated after production so that the product is provided to the consumer without defects and standards.

The quality of these foams is so high that this product in addition to meeting domestic needs is a popular product for export. This product is hygienic and compatible with the skin and has a health certificate and a standard certificate.

The important thing about this flower-making foam is that it is washable. It is possible to wash the flower foam with water and there is no need to use detergents. Flowering and handicraft foam is produced and supplied in a large well-equipped factory of Foamiran using the best raw materials and under the supervision of experts in this field.

foamiran color paletteFeatures of Foamiran Flower Making Glitter Foam:

  • Various colors
  • Washable
  • Skin compatible
  • No harmful chemicals
  • High flexibility
  • High heat resistance
  • Has a standard
  • Lightweight and portable
  • High Quality


Foamiran Flower Making Glitter Foam Factory

Foamiran factory is a large well-equipped factory that uses the latest and most advanced devices to produce flower foam. High-quality and hygienic raw materials are transformed into these flower foams according to special formulas defined by engineers and professional experts. Also, the best type of paint available for these foams is used. After production, the product is re-evaluated for quality .Foamiran factory products have a general health certificate and a standard certificate.

Flower-making foam color foams have a very high color variety. These beautiful colors include 20 primary colors and 20 custom Special colors that you can order and buy the color you want according to your taste and needs. These foams can also be painted with natural colors.

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