Orthopedic Foam

Main features

  • washable
  • sturdy and durable
  • skin friendly
  • bearer of health certificate

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What you need to know about this product ...

Foamiran’s orthopedic foam uses the highest- quality raw materials and modern medical sciences and professional work forces have been used in the production of this orthopedic foam.
Different types of orthopedic foams are meant to be used for medical purposes including for broken arm, leg, and neck, strains and dislodges of the arm and leg or physical pains and curvature of different body parts.
This orthopedic and medical foam is used in manufacturing medical shoes and sandals, medical cast- shoe, different types of medical knee braces, medical neck braces, medical back braces, medical wrist braces and ….
The factory manufacturing the medical and orthopedic products uses these foams to present high- quality orthopedic products which are absolutely hygienic.
EVA foams possess features which make them useful for this industry including the fact that they are very strong while being soft which leads to the skeleton to be fixed while not putting excessive pressure on it. These foams do not cause infection problems for individuals since they are washable, and can be disinfected and that they are also hygienic.

The characteristics of Foamiran’s orthopedic foam:

  • washable
  • sturdy and durable
  • skin friendly
  • bearer of health certificate

The uses of Foamiran’s orthopedic foam:

  • can be used in producing orthopedic products and splinting

Technical details

  • Length


  • Width

    120 سانتی متر