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Different industries make use of foam products for a variety of purposes. Foamiran can make these products customized to fit your needs. You can contact our technical experts for more detailed information from us.

Foamiran is the foremost producer of closed-cell foam products in Iran. The company’s product portfolio features a variety of items thanks to the expertise of its employees, the decades of experience of its managers, and its high-tech machinery. Through the years, the production and distribution of top-notch foam products have become more and more popular in Iran and have even seen a rise in global markets.

Foamiran’s collection of products is divided into three primary categories:

  1. EVA foam products: These products have high resilience and are highly resistant to water penetration and impact.
  2. EPDM foam products: These products are highly resistant to harsh weather conditions and exhibit excellent performance against abrasion, UV radiation, and ozone.
  3. LDPE foam products: Products made with LDPE foam are lightweight and cost-effective. They possess high tensile strength and exhibit excellent resistance to chemicals.
  4. Products with EPDM/NBR foam: This foam is known for its very high resistance to all types of oil and grease, and because it belongs to the EPDM foam family, it is also highly resistant to ozone and UV.
  5. Products with Neoprene foam: this foam has a high resistance to salt water and hydrocarbon oils, and in addition, it is a soft, highly elastic, flexible, and durable foam with a dark charcoal color.
  6. Products with TPE foam: Elastomer foam is a thermoplastic that can stretch to moderate lengths and return to its original shape, providing a longer life and better physical range than other materials.
Foam Products

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End Products

Foam is produced in sheets of various thicknesses, but these sheets are not finished products. Performing services on foam sheets, turning them into foam layers of various thicknesses, foam rolls, flooring, wall coverings, and various processing products.

Physical Properties

Foams are structurally divided into 4 categories, each of which has its unique physical properties.