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A great deal of manufacturing businesses needs a consistent and timely supply of resources. A variety of machines are available in Foamiran to create a wide range of foam products in their raw or processed forms. We can team up with you and supply you with foam materials.

This puts them ahead of the competition in terms of production and enables them to offer a wide variety of products. Foamiran offers a selection of services to fulfill the requirements of its industrial customers. These services can be employed to aid process units or different industrial undertakings. We export our products not only to Iran but also to many other countries, especially the CIS and countries in the Persian Gulf. They are provided with all services as well.

Research and development and mass production will be done while complying with quality and global standards and in conjunction with other departments, such as research and development and production.

Get in touch with our research and development department if you need a consultation and let them know your industrial needs and requirements. Here are some of the services and abilities Foamiran offers for providing customer services.

Our Capabilities

Our Services

The Foamiran Unit has experienced chemistry graduates and managers to accept orders for various foam products.

Foam Cutting

According to the customer’s desired measurements and sizes.

Ability to produce processed products

Employing the thermal layer welding technique.

Adhesive backing

Types of foam in one-sided and two-sided forms in the required dimensions and thicknesses.

Horizontal and vertical foam cutting

With different thicknesses, using advanced machines and the latest technologies with the least amount of error.

Foam die-cutting

According to customer requirements.

Offering various types of foam rolls and foam sheet layers

A variety of dimensions and thicknesses.

Designing and producing closed-cell foam

Adapted to meet customer requirements and the standards for a variety of industries.

Foam lamination

Utilizing the latest adhesive and thermal lamination machines, various materials can be used such as leather, fabric, cork, nylon, and metalized.

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