Foamiran Co., given its high production capacity of EVA foams and also the increasing demand of customers, has already built specialized departments in this connection. As a result, the part of services provided previously to customers outside the company are now provided and delivered to them inside the plant.

۱٫ Production of foam products

Some of these services include the following:

  1. Production of acoustic – thermal insulation material in petrochemical, oil and gas industries
  2. Types of stripe and sealing foams, and sealants used in the automotive industry and home appliances
  3. Composite and insulating foams
  4. Decorative parts and bumpers
  5. Single-way and two-way adhesive stripes
  6. Packaging, medical and orthopedic foams
  7. Production of all kinds of door and window seals
  8. Waterproof insulation material
  9. Types of bumpers
  10. Retaining foams
  11. Protective covers

۲. Production of promotional products

Promotion production includes mouse pads, hotel slippers, caps, key chains, puzzles and all small and big game and entertainment products used typically in commercial centers, governmental organizations, caterings, and transport companies.

Therefore, all dear customers will receive Foamiran products with the brand of the company. Also, for the convenience of customers, consultation and design services are provided free of charge in defined volumes.

۳. Production of sports products

In addition to producing sports mats (tatami) in different sizes, the company has designed foam mats for the convenience of athletes and tourists, which can be used outdoor. They are also used for climbing and can be put in backpacks and sleeping bags.

۴٫ Engineering and technical services

The company is able to design and build all types of molds used in the industry of EVA foam. On the same basis, providing advices and recommendations to its customers, Foamiran helps them in selecting the type of sheets and their characteristics including flexibility, strength, hardness, pressure and color, so that they pay the least cost in this connection.

۵٫ Foam cutting

Foam cutting is possible in two ways:

  1. Layered cutting
  2. Cutting in pieces

Layered cutting:

In layered cutting method, foam sheets or “tatamis” are cut crosswise to less thick foam sheets. For example, by transecting a 20 mm tatami, 2 tatamis 10mm thick will be produced.

۲۰mm ►۱۰mm + 10mm

۲۵mm ► ۱۲٫۵mm+12.5mm

۳۰mm ► ۱۵mm+15mm

۴۵mm ► ۲۲٫۵mm + 22.5mm

Cutting in pieces:

In cutting in pieces method, sheets are cut from surface. They are cut in length and width by cutting disks.

  1. Cutting foams in different thicknesses
  2. Punching foams in different sizes and different thicknesses
  3. Die cutting foams in different sizes and thicknesses

۶٫ Making adhesive foams:

Making adhesive foams in different sizes and thicknesses

۷٫ Laminating foams

Laminating foams on paper, leather, cloth etc. in different sizes and thicknesses

۸٫ Mats installation

Normally, Foamiran mats are available in 2 different types: rubber and tatami (foam), and each type have their own method for installation. Certainly, some factors including the amount of space inside which the mat is supposed to be installed and the existence of a wall or cabinet should be considered for mat installation.

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