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Foam Iran Co. was founded in 2001 with the aim of producing various useable and essential foam products.
Since manufacturing high quality foam products has always been the ultimate goal of managers at Foam Iran Co., therefore traditional manufacturing procedure could not meet our expectations. On the other hand, we decided to put into effect the «we can do it» slogan in Iran.
Based on such an approach, in year 2002 we installed and put into operation the first series of EVA production line machinery in 8500 square meters land and 4800 square meters well-equipped buildings. Since then, year after year we have been trying to enhance the quality of our products along with increasing the level of production.
Currently with daily production level of about 1000 EVA sheets in various sizes and dimensions, we are able to serve a wide range of Iranian industrial sectors.
Our company, Foam Iran, uses the latest technology in its manufacturing department and employs ad¬vanced methods of identifying its target markets. Applying such up-to-date techniques has enabled us to have a broad access to global markets and consequently become one of the leading worldwide exporters of foam products and EVA sheets.
Various TATAMI mats, industrial gap and space fillers to be used in auto industry, humidity isolation, teaching and teaching aid equipment, children's room floorings and other relevant goods are among our products and our export items.
Achieving the ISO 9001 certification in quality management is the result of round the clock struggle, great efforts and hard working of every employee in our company.
We intend to make Iran and Foam Iran to be the pride of our industry and our slogan « Foam Iran, The first choice the last experience» be our true inspiration.


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Office Add: East 3rd floor, No. 33, Amin zade Alley, After Manouchehri St, Saadi St, Tehran, Iran

Tel: 0098 21 33997722

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Fax: 0098 21 33994133

SMS: 0098 02133997722


Factory Add: No.33, Foamiran st., Between Esfand Abad & Bidganeh, Malarad Crossroads, Shahriyar, Tehran, Iran

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Tatami Flooring :tatami flooring

Tatami is an excellent, economical mat. These durable mats are mobile, provide sure-footed support for stepping and kicking drills, set up quickly and offer a professional look with a no-slip surface.
These mats have many uses, from Karate floors to yoga and pilates studios and Kindergartens. Affordable and tough with a shoe-resistant top texture and durable enough for combat training and boxing gyms. Made of EVA high density foam in interlocking tiles, these mats will last many years and are completely waterproof.




Rubber Granule mats:rubber flooring

These mats have good resistance of Pressure, Abrasion, Ageing, Ozone, Chemical Corrosion. And they have high intensity, elasticity, shock absorption and  good water permeability . They reduce noise and they are also Anti-slap.

These mats have various uses: Children playground, places requested for high safety factors, Gymnasium, weight lifting clubs and many other uses. They are easy to install and maintain and really pucka and last for many years.




Foam rolls:foam rool
These foam rolls have a great consistence and high flexibility and they have durability versus extension and rupture. They produce in different colors and  thicknesses from 1 mm to 5 mm.
Foam rolls have a vast usage, for example in bags and shoes industries, insulation industries, auto industries, underneath parquet installations, assorted laminate products.





Foam sheets:

Foam sheetsOwing to our rich industry experience, we have gained expertise in trading and supplying EVA Foam Sheets in many grades having different hardness, density and other substantial properties. Moreover, we have different types of foam sheets that each of them is used in specific industry.
They are produced in different colors and thicknesses. And they have good water permeability and durability versus detergents.
Integrally our foam sheets can be used in shoe and bag industry, orthopedic uses, auto industries, construction gap fillers, sandals to be used on carpet and Mops.





Aerobic Stepper:
You're sure to keep fit and feel fabulous with our professional quality Aerobic Step. Great for workout classes and regular home use, you can work out anywhere in your home, office or take it with you anywhere you want. A great way to get in shape and tone the lower body is to use an aerobic stepper. A step up non-slip platform that supports the weight of up to 250kg and It’s height is 90 mm. our aerobic stepper is made of high quality EVA foam that is appropriate for doing exercises.





Flower making foam:

These high quality EVA foam sheets have different applications such as making flower, crafts, doll making, school usage, gifts and wrapping. They are produced in different colors. They are also Eco-friendly, Light, Good elasticity, water-proof and non-toxic. Their thickness is 0.8 mm, they are good for crafts and making foam flowers.


فوم گلسازی سفیدفوم گلسازی نباتیفوم گلسازی موزیفوم گلسازی لیموییفوم گلسازی زردفوم گلسازی پرتقالی
فوم گلسازی نارنجیفوم گلسازی صورتی روشنفوم گلسازی صورتی تیرهفوم گلسازی بنفش روشنفوم گلسازی بنفش تیرهفوم گلسازی قرمز
فوم گلسازی زرشکیفوم گلسازی سبز صدریفوم گلسازی فسفریفوم گلسازی سبز برگیفوم گلسازی آبیفوم گلسازی آبی تیره
فوم گلسازی گلبهیفوم گلسازی قهوه ای روشنفوم گلسازی قهوه ای تیرهفوم گلسازی مشکی


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