Certificates and Standards

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Certificates and Standards

Foamiran Group has gained various international certifications. An essential international standard, ISO9001 gives businesses a set of rules for creating a Quality Management System (QMS). The Environmental Management System, also known as ISO14001, is an expression of a company’s social and legal responsibility toward the environment. The main goal of ISO45001, or Occupational Health and Safety Management System, is to give organizations the capability to make a healthy and secure atmosphere. Organizations must meet Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard (ISO18001) in order to keep their staff safe.

Laboratory Testing

The HIC system evaluates how well the manufactured product resists hydrogen embrittlement. The material is protected from gas penetration that could lead to its destruction. An SGS standard involves examining and approving the amount, weight, and quality of the product, in addition to testing and controlling the standard of health, safety, and regulations.

Certificates of appreciation