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Foam EVA finds extensive use in the cleaning industry, serving various purposes like car wash brushes, floor squeegees, and glass squeegees, popularly known as “T” wipers. Foam sheets like T-wipers cracked and export models, are utilized in cleaning equipment. The production of these cleaning products involves the use of warm foams. The raw materials, when mixed, require high direct heat to be molded into sheet form to manufacture the cleaning products mentioned.

Cleaning Industry

Characteristics of Cleaning Foam


EVA foam is a type of plastic that doesn’t absorb much water due to being closed-cell. Its closed-cell composition provides natural water resistance. Conversely, open-cell foam is vulnerable to water, moisture, or other liquids. EVA foam, which is utilized in car wash brushes and cleaning T-wipers, can hold water for cleaning and its cleaning effectiveness is not impacted by water flow during use. In addition, dirt is not retained while using car wash brushes and foam-cleaning T-wipers.

Abrasion Resistance

Car wash brushes and floor squeegees are crucial cleaning tools for daily use, as they are frequently utilized throughout the day to wash cars and floors. This is why they must be highly resistant to abrasion. In addition to providing abrasion resistance, cleaning foams also offer high service life, tensile strength, and tear resistance.

Chemical Resistance

Foams with closed-cell structures show great solvent resistance, making them easy to clean. EVA foam The resistance of EVA foam against cleaning chemicals allows for strong cleaning without any effect on the foam.


Not only are cleaning foams durable and resilient, but they are also soft and flexible. They act as all-purpose cushioning materials capable of absorbing impacts. To prevent any damage to the surfaces, make sure the cleaning foam used for washing vehicles is soft and flexible enough to cushion them. The identical principle applies to floor squeegees.

Various Colors, Sizes, and Shapes

EVA foam can be made in various colors and flexible forms according to your needs. They come in various colors naturally, such as red, yellow, blue, orange, green, gray, and others.

Applications of Cleaning Foam

EVA foam is a type of closed-cell foam that comes in different densities and hardness levels, to sum up. The performance and properties of foams can differ significantly based on their densities and levels of hardness. It is crucial to choose an appropriate cleaning foam with suitable performance for equipment cleaning.

The T-wipers are cleaning tools that come with foam blades to remove or manage liquids from surfaces like floors and glass. Installation of these foams is effortless on plastic or metal blades and can be replaced as required.

EVA foam brushes mounted on rotating metal axes are crucial components of automatic car wash equipment, with hundreds being used in car wash systems. You can use these brushes to clean vehicles and other vehicles. The durability, high abrasion resistance, and suitability for car wash brushes make EVA foam an ideal choice for either horizontal or vertical rotation on vehicles.

Cleaning industry