In case you experience any issues or require direction with using this foam in your industry, please contact our research and development unit for technical help.

Our design and development unit offers technical consultancy for those who need guidance or face challenges in utilizing this foam in their industry.

Consultation and Support are available. Foam is defined as a substance containing gas in solids and liquids. Foam finds its application in various industries with a wide range of uses. Closed-cell or open-cell are the two types of solid foams.

Solid materials surround separate compartments formed by gas in closed-cell foam. Closed-cell foam, such as a mattress, is incapable of absorbing water.

The gas materials in open-cell foam are linked. Open-cell foam is exemplified by Sponge. Air can be displaced as water effortlessly flows through the entire structure.

At Foamiran Company, we produce foam products with a closed-cell structure. Various customized foam products can be manufactured by our research and development unit and experienced managers for different industries.

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