Tatami and flooring

Foam flooring helps to reduce the risk of injury among athletes. Mats, which are used to cover the floors, are known as floor coverings and can be used in both indoor and outdoor areas.

Tatami mats are one of the most well-known types of foam floor coverings. In the last few years, Tatami mats have made their way not only into sports arenas and stadiums, but also into residential homes, daycares, playgrounds, and other recreational areas. Installing Tatami mats creates a soft, flexible surface, which makes it possible to play sports in any space.

Foam flooring is a great option for preventing injuries in sports centers and gyms. These coverings are used both inside and outside on floors and surfaces.

Tatami mats are particularly renowned and popularly employed. They have spread not only to sports arenas and auditoriums but also to homes, daycare centers, parks for kids, and other recreation areas. Tatami mats provide a soft and pliable area, making it possible for physical activities to occur in any space.

Tatami mats

Foam Floorings Sheet Characteristics

All floor coverings are made of ٍEVA and have the following characteristics:

Impact resistance

These floor coverings will not be distorted or harmed when subject to weight or force. They guard the floor against the force of the weights.

Noise reduction

They stop the vibrations and sound from machinery and sports gear. Having a strong grip reduces the danger of getting hurt from falling.

Easy installation

Puzzle pieces can be easily fitted together like Tatami mats. They are very easy to install. An installation tutorial video is available for you to watch for help.


Tatami floor coverings are impervious to chemicals, abrasion, and tearing. They can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Versatile color options and design possibilities

You can choose from a wide range of colors to create a seamless foam floor surface with the exact pattern that fits your decor.

Hygienic and antibacterial

These floor coverings are free of toxins and won’t promote the growth of mold or fungi. Wiping the foam is simple, and you can quickly clean it.

Different Types of Foam Floorings

Foam floor coverings are designed with features that make them suitable for people of all ages, including the elderly, disabled persons, and those who are prone to slipping. Kids, novice athletes, professional athletes, martial artists, and even nurseries, playrooms, playgrounds, sports facilities, and morning exercise activities can benefit from them. These floor coverings are also safe for house pets like cats and dogs.

Foam Flooring Applications

The materials used to craft Foamiran foam floor coverings are EVA foam. EVA has rubber-like softness and flexibility and is a closed-cell foam with plenty of advantages such as being easy to maintain, cost-effective, durable, and more. For this reason, this foam is a great option for creating floor coverings. The foam flooring is designed to prevent slipping, jumping, running, or any other type of damage, providing a higher level of safety. Therefore, it is the ideal choice to use in the following areas:

  • Children’s rooms
  • Playgrounds and recreational centers
  • Prayer rooms and assembly halls
  • Children’s play areas and parks
  • Sports halls and clubs
  • Pet care areas
  • Primary schools and kindergartens
  • Daycares and child care centers

Foam floor coverings can help reduce fatigue for athletes and children while they are exercising. They are also good at the withstanding shock and have the right stiffness, making quick and easy motions like jumping and spinning a breeze. Puzzle foam floor coverings are a breeze to install and set up, and if you need to clean them, EVA foam can be quickly vacuumed or wiped down with a damp cloth and standard cleaning products.

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