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Nowadays, foam crafts and foam flowers are increasingly popular. The demand from consumers is increasing as more people become familiar with Foamiran, a term used worldwide for foam sheets.

The thin foam used for foam crafts and flower arrangements is specifically designed to create realistic details. The foam sheets are manufactured in thicknesses that vary from 0.8mm to 2mm. With foam crafts, one can apply heat with hands or tools to mold it into various shapes, and it remains soft and flexible.

Those with artistic skills and creativity often find foam flower arrangement and other foam crafts to be highly appealing professions. Beautiful handmade crafts can be created using materials such as foam, wire, fabric, paper, ribbons, spray, and more.

Handicrafts foam

Features of Foam Crafts and Flower Arrangement

All foam crafts and flower arrangements are made of EVA foam.


Unlike regular foam, the foam used for flower arrangements does not absorb water and can be washed with water and cleaning agents.

Very Lightweight

EVA foam is made up of thousands of small interconnected bubbles that make it lightweight and easy to carry. Products made from this foam are very light.

Attractive and Diverse Colors

One of the most important features of foam for flower arrangements is the wide range of colors available, including more than 50 different colors.

Flexible and Stretchable

Foam sheets used for crafts and flower arrangements can be molded into any shape or form. They can be twisted, bent, and stretched.


Foam flowers can be colored using various paints, spray colors, and gouache. It is best to color the foam before shaping it for a more natural appearance.

Heat and Heat-Absorbent Resistant

The foam used in crafts and flower arrangements is resistant to heat and sunlight. Heat can be applied to the foam to shape it into different forms. Even shaping the foam with hands creates form.

Types of Foam for Flower Arrangement

Foam for flower arrangements comes in two types: Acrylic and plain.

Acrylic foam

Acrylic foam sheets also referred to as Flower Styrofoam, come in different colors. Foamiran acrylic foam sheets are available in 60 by 70 centimeters with thicknesses varying from 0.8 millimeters to 2 millimeters. Custom orders are an option for sheets or flower Styrofoam in size of 210 x 125 cm and 30 mm thickness.

Plain Foam

Plain foam is a collection of small, reflective particles with precise cuts, available in various shapes, sizes, and colors. The particles reflect light and create a sparkling effect at various angles. These are polka dots and they’re small.

Foamiran’s plain foam sheets are highly versatile and commonly utilized in flower arrangements, crafts, bag-making, and decorative products. Foam sheets are fed into an adhesive machine after production for coating with an adhesive. The foam sheets covered in glue are sent to the drying section where not only does the glue dry, but it also increases their adhesiveness. Then, the foam sheets undergo dotting and eventually exit the machine as plain foam sheets.

Foamiran offers plain foam sheets that come in packs of 10 with dimensions of 20 by 30 centimeters and a thickness of 1 millimeter. Thicker sheet custom orders can be made upon request.

Foam Crafts and Flower Arrangement