Foam wall covering

Foam wall covering

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Athletes and children are worried about the harm caused by hitting walls in sports clubs and kindergartens. A product called foam wall covering is used to cover walls in various settings. Prominent features of these wall coverings include their softness, impact resistance, and flexibility.

The safety and well-being of children and athletes are ensured when they collide with the walls. Moreover, these foam wall coverings are appropriate for different places such as conference halls and educational spaces due to the variety of colors and sizes used. You can choose from rolls or puzzle pieces when looking for foam wall coverings to fit your needs and preferences.

Features of Foam Wall Coverings

All foam wall coverings are made of EVA foam material, providing the following capabilities.

  • Sound insulation
  • High durability
  • Washable
  • Customizable
  • Lightweight with easy installation
  • Attractive with a variety of color options
  • Resistant to multiple impacts
  • Heat-insulating and energy-saving

Applications of Foam Wall Coverings

  • In conference halls, wall coverings serve the dual purpose of mitigating impact and controlling sound.
  • It’s important to cover walls in kindergartens to ensure children can play safely. Regrettably, modern lifestyles have resulted in children spending extended periods indoors, whether at home or in kindergartens. Playing in either location carries a natural risk of injury. Making the environment safer for children is crucial to avoid additional harm. This objective is fulfilled by foam wall coverings. This wall covering prevents harm caused by collisions with the wall by attaching it easily.
  • It’s common to sustain injuries during exercises and workouts in sports halls where walls are not covered. The injuries can occur due to the athlete’s internal factors or gym equipment. To reduce the risk of injuries, impact-absorbing materials are necessary in both instances. Foam wall coverings are very practical for sports halls. Foam production is primarily used in sports products. These wall coverings have foam material that offers sound and thermal insulation and is highly resistant to multiple impacts.
  • Children may unintentionally hurt themselves by hitting walls while playing at home; hence covering walls in children’s rooms is advisable. The use of foam wall coverings can protect them while also increasing their spirits and excitement with lovely designs.
  • Enhancing the beauty of a space is significantly influenced by home decoration. Your home can become more eye-catching with simplicity and low cost. Not only do foam wall coverings absorb impact during sudden wall collisions, but they also add beautiful designs to your home. Foam wall coverings are ideal for spots such as the wall behind the TV or the wall behind the bed. More information about foam in the construction industry can be found on this page.

Foam wall covering factory Kindergarten roll wallpaper

Foamiran, one of the oldest companies producing foam wall coverings, set up a foam wall covering production factory in Malard, Iran. The art of this factory is customizing products based on the needs of customers and organizations. The production of foam wall covering and its use in houses makes the environment more beautiful and designed.

The price of roll wall covering / Foam wall covering sales center

The foam wall covering production line in the foam wall covering factory is in such a way that after welding, the foam sheets are laminated with beautiful and eye-catching designs in a width of 110 cm and a length of 6 meters. The sheet is converted into a layer and can be customized according to the customer’s needs. The price of the roll wall covering foam depends on various parameters. You can check the final price with our sales experts. Or contact the foam wall covering shopping center in the order registration section on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the installation of foam wall covering require an installer?

No, foam wall coverings are easily cut by scissors and cutters and are very easy to install. Wall coverings with adhesive back are also easily attached to the desired wall.

Are foam wall coverings washable?

Yes, foam wall coverings are made of closed-cell EVA foam and are completely waterproof. They can be easily washed with detergents and water.

Can we install foam wall covering on damp walls?

Yes, first take the source of moisture on the wall, and if the wall is not wet and water is not dripping, install it on it. One of the main features of foam wall coverings is their waterproofness.

What surfaces does the foam wall covering stick to?

Foam wall coverings stick easily on oil paint, plastic paint, tile, ceramic, wallpaper, etc., and it is better to use stronger glue to install on surfaces like concrete or cement.

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