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Despite having a closed-cell structure, EVA foam is soft and flexible. Various products, particularly sports equipment, can take advantage of the distinct properties of this versatile material. EVA foam is a lightweight and multi-functional material that finds use in diverse applications. Foam sports products are often preferred due to their durability and excellent shock absorption.

A sedentary lifestyle is a current concern in advanced countries. Over time, this can harm a person’s physical, mental, and emotional health. You can address this issue by doing physical activities at home, in parks, or sports clubs. We manufacture foam sports products at Foamiran to aid in improving this situation. We provide our customers with an array of products including foam floor mats (Tatami), yoga mats, aerobic step boards, and swimming kickboards.

Foam processed products

Characteristics of Foam Sports Products

Foam’s ability to absorb impact is one of the key advantages that makes it ideal for sports products. Hence, it’s perfect for producing protective gear like helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, and shin guards. EVA foam finds its use in creating foam protective mats for gymnastics and martial arts. Unrestricted movement during sports activities is enabled by its flexibility, which allows it to conform to the athlete’s body.

Foam’s softness makes it ideal for manufacturing sports and recreational goods, including foam rollers, yoga bricks, yoga mats, and floor mats. Foam is a consistent and smooth substance that comes in different densities and thicknesses, allowing for easy cutting and shaping into various shapes. Circular or octagonal foam dumbbells, foam swimming noodles, and other products can be created using this method.

Because of their closed-cell structure, closed-cell foams can resist water. If the cells are smaller and denser, the foam will be more resistant to water, vapor, and air. Because of this, it is less prone to structural damage from water-related problems like mold, decay, or bacterial growth, which makes it the top choice for foam products used in water sports.

Tatami Mats

Foam is a great option for sports hall flooring due to its ability to reduce fatigue and prevent injuries. Foam mats for sports absorb impact effectively and offer the required firmness for fast and effortless movements during workouts.

Athletes often encounter the problem of floor coverings shifting during their training and competitions. Tatami mats that can be locked are the solution to this problem. The Tatami mats interlock like puzzles, making installation easy and allowing for effortless portability due to their lightweight.

Foam sports mats are commonly used in sports halls, martial arts gyms, children’s rooms, and kindergartens.

Advantages of EVA Embossing on Foam Sports Products

Foam mats and sports products are often decorated with distinct patterns known as embossings. They are not only visually appealing but also serve to improve athlete safety by preventing slipping and sliding.

Embossing patterns that are widely used include Tatami, square, double rhombus, simple, seven and eight-pointed stars, needlepoint, zigzag, leather, wave, honeycomb, stairs, windows, and other designs.

Tatami and flooring

Other Foam Sports Equipment

Due to its moldability, foam can be used to create custom products in specific shapes and sizes. Foamiran can create custom foam products with unique designs and colors to fit your specific requirements. These products can be personalized with your sports club’s logo and brand for a unique touch.

Due to being a thermoplastic polymer, EVA foam is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, moisture, and chemicals, which makes it appropriate for outdoor usage and rough conditions. Regular household cleaning agents can be used to clean foam sports products easily.