Today, EVA foam is in high demand in the market due to its exceptional quality and applications. Its history of innovation in packaging medical devices and pharmaceuticals is long and successful. Medical foam, known for its high flexibility, softness, and rebound properties, is utilized to produce orthopedic equipment such as medical necklaces and shoe insoles.

Foam Products Characteristics in Medical Industries

EVA foam is resistant to chemicals, making it suitable for the medical industry. Medical equipment, prosthetics, and orthopedic devices can be easily made using it. Limb molds made from medical foam are used to connect amputee’s limbs to artificial prostheses, providing them with enhanced comfort due to their flexibility and softness.

Medical foam is commonly used for making medical shoes and foam sandals. It conforms to the foot’s shape, is light, odor-resistant, easy to clean, and comes in several cover choices. Medical shoes, insoles, and sandals are extensively produced using EVA foam due to their cost-effectiveness. Medical insole foam is commonly placed in shoes’ midsoles to absorb shocks during running or walking. The soft foam material is perfect for diabetic or arthritic patients who need gentle orthopedic equipment.

Medical industry

In the medical industry, foam is utilized to create necklaces, knee pads, leg braces, and wristbands. These foams have continuous skin contact, are washable, anti-fungal, and don’t promote bacteria growth or infections. Additionally, the significance of medical foam’s lightweight quality is important in medical equipment, as it must not add excessive pressure or burden to the patient. Medical foams are extremely light and take the shape they are given.

Orthopedic foam, which is soft, comfortable, and lightweight, is an ideal choice for making ergonomic, medical, and durable chairs.

Noise reduction in medical facilities

Hospitals can be noisy places for patients due to activities such as walking or moving equipment. This problem is somewhat resolved by using foam rolls for parquet flooring, also known as Silent Foam.

Types of Medical Foam Products | Orthopedic Foam Production

Medical foams are used not only in the production of orthopedic equipment but also for protecting medical and laboratory equipment from impact and damage during packaging. Hospital beds, wheelchairs, surgical masks, suture pads, and foam seals for medication containers are also manufactured using them.