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Stylish and colorful foam products can be an excellent way to provide comfort for children and reduce the risk of injury during playtime. Children are highly vulnerable, hence the safety of products designed for them is of utmost importance.

Foam mats and wall coverings are frequently utilized among foam products in places where children frequent such as nurseries and playrooms. Foam crafts and educational/entertainment products are very useful for both entertaining and educating kids.


Choosing the Best Nursery Floor Mat


Foam products are simple to clean and maintain, thanks to their washability. A damp cloth or soap and warm water can be used to wipe them clean. This helps maintain a hygienic and safe play area for children.


Foam mats and wall coverings are convenient to move and adjust due to their portability and easy storage.


Creating a safe and smooth playing surface

Foam mats and wall coverings provide a safe and soft playing surface for infants and young children. It can safeguard against injuries caused by falls and impacts while providing a soft surface for running, sliding, and playing with toys.

High durability

The foam educational products are made of an elastic substance that can withstand stretching, pressure, specific chemicals, and UV rays, ensuring that these foam products have a lengthy lifespan.

Soft and flexible

EVA foam is soft and pliable, allowing it to flex and conform to children’s movements without causing harm.

Strengthening cognitive and physical development

Foam mats and wall coverings can create a safe and stimulating environment for children to develop cognitive and physical skills, such as hand-eye coordination, balance, and other important abilities.

Foam Floor and Wall Covering for Children

Foam mats and wall coverings made for kids have many advantages that make them a popular choice. These products create a padded and flexible surface that safeguards children from falls and injuries. You can use foam mats and wall coverings in different spaces like nurseries, schools, and playrooms, and they are easy to clean.
Foam mats and wall coverings for kids offer a comfortable, hygienic, and safe play area that can be personalized and used in any space. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for foam play mats and wall coverings to increase their lifespan.
Foamiran offers a range of foam floor mats for kids, such as standard foam mats, Persian alphabet and numbers foam mats, English alphabet, and numbers foam mats, puzzle foam mats with animal designs, circus-themed puzzle foam mats, and fruit-themed puzzle foam mats.


Craft Foam

Using thin and colorful foam sheets, one can draw shapes or print designs on them before cutting them into various shapes to create foam crafts. Colored foam crafts are lightweight and soft.

Safe foam products for kindergarten

Selecting secure foam products for nurseries is crucial for children’s safety. Due to its closed-cell structure and smooth surface, EVA foam is a secure choice that prevents the infiltration of bacteria and fungi. Its hygienic properties are easily maintained through cleaning.

Nursery Equipment Made from Foam