Foam processed products

Foam is a versatile product that finds wide usage in many different industries. The method used to obtain desirable properties of a new product by treating one or more foam materials is known as foam processing. Fields like sports, education, and entertainment, among others, use these processed foam products.

Foamiran is one of the top producers of foam cell processing. Various foam products are created through multiple stages of industrial processing of raw foam. The Foamiran collection provides an extensive range of foam processing items that are appropriate for multiple intentions. These foam products created through processing are used in various industries, making them versatile and widely applied.

Sports Foam Products

Foam is commonly used in various sports products. It has many practical purposes, even though they aren’t always immediately apparent. The resilience of EVA closed-cell foam is high, and it has excellent resistance to impact and water. The safety and well-being of athletes during intense activities are aided by these factors. Click below to discover the diversity of foam sports products.

Educational and Entertainment Foam Products

Play is one of the ways to enhance imagination and creativity in children. Foam educational products for children make a purposeful play for education and learning much more engaging. Foam educational and entertainment products have positive features such as the ability to shape EVA closed-cell foam, the ingenuity of the research and development unit, the elasticity of the foam, and the easy washability of foam products. This category offers a wide range of products, and you can learn more by clicking the button below.

Foam Products Suitable for Kindergartens

One of the concerns of parents after sending their children to kindergartens is their safety. Even with the best efforts of kindergarten teachers, the risk of children getting injured during play remains. Running can result in a firm collision with walls or falling on the ground. The colorful appeal of foam products has not only enhanced the relationship between children and kindergartens but also tackled these issues. To learn more about foam products that are appropriate for kindergartens, keep reading below.

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