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What is Foamiran?

Foamiran is a specialist and has been renowned for making premium foam since the year 2000. The company manufactures a great selection of enclosed cellular foam products, from the basics such as foam rolls and foam sheets to more advanced items like flooring and tatami, wall cover, amusement, and sporting equipment like yoga mats, yoga bricks, swimming boards, etc.

How can I order Foamiran products?

Three ways to reach us for placing an order are:

  1. You can email your request to
  2. Go to the “Place an order” page and make your request.
  3. Chatting with sales experts. Our sales experts are available on WhatsApp to answer your questions and start a thread to the order. If they are offline, you can also leave a message. They will contact you ASAP.
  4. If you need to talk with our sales expert, you can also call on WhatsApp or make a direct call.
How much is the minimum order?

At least one container (20 or 40) must be ordered for direct orders.

Can we order customized products from Foamiran?

Yes. Our knowledge, broad manufacturing opportunities, and approaches give an appropriate resolution for your needs.

What is the process of ordering?

Once you submit your draft order, our sales professionals will be in touch to review your request and assist you in preparing the LOI. After verifying the proforma invoice and advance payment, your order gets sent to the production line. The Incoterms regulation is Ex-Work. To get all the details, head to “Place an order”.