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Foam has many uses for children’s entertainment and education. Foam toys and educational equipment make for excellent entertainment and educational tools for children due to foam’s versatility, indoor/outdoor use, and damage-resistant properties.

Toys and educational equipment are made using EVA foam. The foam is commonly used in creating toys, children’s play mats, and puzzle floorings due to its softness, flexibility, and durability.

Foam educational and entertainment products for children

Educational and Entertainment

Educational and entertainment products for children made of foam have a wide variety of materials and textures. The highest quality standards are used in manufacturing them, and they can be utilized to make sensory items for kids. You can order foam shapes in different sizes and densities that range from soft to firm foams. EVA foam is used to make these educational foam products and it is available in various colors and patterns. Children’s attention is surely captured by the engaging designs and bright colors.

Among the most popular educational games are magnetic foam alphabets. During learning, they can help expand children’s imaginations. Children can improve their memory and fine motor skills by using these foam alphabets to memorize words.

Foam clocks, 3D object puzzles, tangrams, and foam alphabets in both English and Farsi, are among the many foam products available.

Characteristics of Educational Foam Products

EVA foam (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) is the material that sets apart most foam-based educational and entertainment products from others. The combination of lightweight, flexibility, resilience, and a wide variety of colors make EVA an excellent option for foam-based entertainment and educational materials.

Flexible and Soft

EVA foam is flexible and soft, making it easy to bend into any shape, without posing any harm to children.


The closed-cell structure of Washable EVA foam makes it water-resistant and prevents fungal and bacterial growth, creating an ideal surface. You can wash this foam with cleaning agents and it dries quickly in open air.


Thousands of small interconnected bubbles make lightweight EVA foam. These foam products are made easy for children to handle and use.

High durability

Due to their elastic material, High Durability Educational foam products are resistant to tension, pressure, certain chemicals, and UV rays, resulting in a prolonged lifespan.

Safe Foam for Educational Purposes

Educational foam products made of safe EVA foam are designed and produced with standard dimensions suitable for young children to prevent them from being easily swallowed. The soft EVA foam with no sharp edges or hardness poses no harm to children. EVA is seen as a secure substitute for PVC since it does not need other chemicals such as phthalates and it is not containing BPA.

Customized orders can include the addition of materials with antibacterial properties to foam-based educational products.

Educational and Entertainment Foam Products