Lead Producer of Foam Sheet and Roll Foam

Foamiran is one of Iran’s largest foam manufacturers, established in 2002. This company produces foam sheets and foam rolls by combining polymer, mineral, and non-mineral raw materials. Foamiran produces a variety of basic and processed products for national and international markets regarding international standards by relying on the experience and knowledge of experts and using a wide range of advanced devices. Our promise is to:

Use prime materials
Guarantee product quality
Deliver on time
EVA Foam

EVA Foam

High elastomeric foam

EVA foam has a brilliant performance against water penetration, moisture, high temperature, and impact and is widely used in various industries with its resistance and durability.


Extremely durable to the environmental conditions

EPDM Foam’s distinguishing advantage is its high resistance to bad weather. It can withstand abrasion, UV rays, ozone, and decomposition.

Low-Density Polyethylene Foam

Low-Density Polyethylene Foam

Lightweight and cost-effective foam

LDPE foam is widely used in various industries because of its low density. Its glossiness, high rebound, high tensile strength, high-temperature resistance, and resistance to chemical substances are some of its properties.

Why Foamiran?

For all of your needs in the foam industry, we can produce!

With the properties of LDPE foam, we can produce lightweight and cost-effective foam suitable for various industries, such as automotive, electronics, packaging, and construction. Foamiran is known as one of the leading producers in the foam industry through efforts to improve production methods and use high-quality materials.

We can produce products for all your needs in the foam industry. With the most advanced industrial machinery in Iran, Foamiran currently has the highest production volume and diversity of foam products in the country. We export our products worldwide and also supply them in Iran. Our product range includes sheet layers, foam rolls, various types of flooring, wall coverings, and other processed items. We can manufacture products that are customized to meet your specific requirements and features.

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Our wide range of products caters to your diverse needs:

Recommended Products

A vast range of products

Foamiran produces a wide range of foam products. We offer various types of flooring and wall covering (tatami, rubber, and foam), foam rolls, different foam sheets, foam for packaging your products, foam for bag and shoe industries, foam for automotive and industrial purposes, foam for military equipment, special foams for medical applications, insulation foam, handicraft foam sheets, blender and flower making foam products. These are just some of our capabilities in producing foam products.


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