What is a Craft Foam?

Both adults and children use craft foam for crafting. It’s a colorful and soft foam type. The soft texture adds a beautiful touch to crafts. Not just limited to nurseries and kindergartens, simple foam sheets are commonly utilized to create bags, decorations, and artificial flowers.

Foamiran craft foam can help children develop their creativity. Our foams are available in a wide variety of colors, and they are completely safe and gentle on the skin.

Handicrafts foam

Key features of craft foam

Craft foams are produced in different dimensions and sizes, all of which include the following features.

Craft foam applications

Initially, craft foam may appear to be intended mainly for nurseries and young children. But, it can serve different purposes for people of all ages. Craft foam can be used by mothers and kindergarten teachers to make the best teaching tools and entertainment materials for children.

Children can learn about different animals through craft projects featuring animal faces, alphabets, and practical items such as fun bags. They can also create decorative items for themselves like flowers and other ornaments.

You can create any craft you imagine with craft foam. Their advantage lies in being less prone to tearing and more flexible than colored paper and cardboard. These foams are easily cut with scissors, blades, or cutters. To stick foam pieces together, one can use any type of liquid glue, shoe glue, or hot glue (which is considered the most suitable for this purpose). Markers, crayons, and wax pencils can be used to add finishing touches and details to crafts, including animal faces or any other design.

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