What is flower-making foam?

A thin sheet of ethylene-vinyl acetate foam known as Floral Foam is used for crafting floral arrangements.

Floral foams are capable of shaping exceptionally well. Shaping these foams is a simple process requiring no special tools. These foam sheets are both durable and strong, yet easy to cut with scissors.

Floral foam’s washability is another important feature. Water is all that’s needed to wash flowers made with floral foam, making cleaning agents unnecessary.

Decorative items can also be made using this type of foam. With these specialized foams, you can create various artificial and decorative flowers. These foams are highly flexible and can be molded with ease, which is one of their most prominent features.

Floral foam is highly valued for its broad spectrum of colors. There are over 50 diverse and attractive colors available for floral foam sheets. The palette comprises 22 primary colors and 30 custom colors, all of which are beautiful.

ISO 14001 environmental management certificate
ISO45001 occupational health and safety certificate
Has an international ISO 9001:2008 quality management certificate
ISO 14001 environmental management certificate

Features of Floral Foam

Flowering foams are produced in different dimensions and sizes, all of which include the following features.


Creating attractive accessories for girls

Designing and producing bridal bouquets and floral crowns

Designing and producing decorative flowers

Crafting various handicrafts for kindergartens and schools

What are the dimensions (size) of the floral foam sheet?

Floral foam sheets come in different sizes to meet consumer requirements and are manufactured in various sizes. However, some common dimensions for floral foam sheets are as follows:

  • Thickness: 1 to 10 millimeters
  • Width: 1 to 2 meters
  • Length: 2 to 6 meters

The dimensions of floral foam sheets may differ based on the manufacturer and product type. Before buying floral foam sheets, it’s recommended that you ask the manufacturer or seller for exact dimensions.


Important note

Please note that Foamiran, a type of floral foam, is manufactured in 60×70 cm cardboard sheets with a thickness that can range from 8mm to 2mm.

Wholesale purchase of flower-making tools with foam

Get a free consultation for bulk purchases of floral foam supplies by contacting our experts at 00982133997722. Iran’s biggest floral foam manufacturer is Foamiran. As a result, we do not sell in retail quantities at this time.

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