What is an EPDM Foam Sheet?

EPDM foam sheets are a type of foam sheet known as Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. The popularity of these sheets among consumers in industries like automotive, refrigeration, and packaging of impact-resistant goods is due to the qualities they possess. Closed-cell foam is their construction material, and it provides a high resilience, similar to rubber, and also renders them resistant to UV, light, water, acids, bases, and even extreme temperature changes.

Consumers have been drawn to the EPDM foam sheets developed by the R&D unit of the Foamiran group in Iran and they can purchase them. Sections of the EPDM sheet surface are referred to as “EPDM sheet”. EPDM sheets usually come in black with a width of 1 meter, a length of 3.3 meters, and a thickness ranging from 2 to 15 millimeters.

Foamiran can create EPDM sheets in various lengths, widths, and thicknesses to fulfill the individual needs of customers.

EPDM foam sheet

EPDM Foam Characteristics

The EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) sheet has many prominent features. We have listed six of these features below:

Weather Resistance

 Able to resist ozone, light, and water conditions

High Flexibility

Displays remarkable strength against pressure and the danger of tearing

High Resilience

After being put under pressure or being stretched out, it quickly snaps back to its original shape

Closed Cell Structure

Prevents the penetration of water, air, and other substances due to closed cell structure

Chemical Resistance

Highly resistant to various chemicals, including acids and bases

Thermal and Cold Insulation

Offers great insulation against heat and cold, so it is ideal for thermal and cold insulation uses

EPDM Foam Sheet Applications

EPDM foam is an ideal electrical insulator, making it a great selection for electrical insulation in specific industries. It displays excellent resistance to creep and leakage current, which makes it a great choice when those traits are necessary for the desired outcome. EPDM is employed for steam, industrial piping systems, and power plants. Closed-cell foam forms a reliable insulation layer, stopping the flow of air, water, and liquids.

The EPDM sheet with closed cells is used to make water-resistant solutions for a variety of vehicle items that need to be sealed. The doors, windows, hoods, and trunk of the vehicle should be sealed. If needed, this insulation can stop noise caused by friction and freezing due to cold temperatures and snow. Other than waterproofing and sealing for cars, EPDM sheeting can be used for making different parts for the automotive industry, like grommets, pedal pads, and other items.

Construction industry
Automotive industry
Packaging industry
Power plants
Agricultural equipment

EPDM sheet is used in a variety of manufacturing processes to create washers for fluid sealing and a variety of industrial applications. These washers can be made with the most advanced technologies and designed to fit customer requirements. EPDM foam is also utilized in building machinery, agricultural, and construction equipment, as well as brake pads and other components.

Many customers opt for pre-made foam products that are made in a closed-cell form of EPDM sheets. We can customize the production of EPDM sheets for suppliers and various industries based on their desired specifications.

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