Are you considering buying sports flooring? You may know it as Tatami flooring or gym flooring. Although gym flooring is commonly linked to sports clubs, it’s worth noting that you can also use it in your home. If you prioritize your health and fitness but don’t have the time or motivation to go to a gym, that’s understandable. What is the appropriate action to take in such scenarios? If you’re planning to create a small home gym, sports flooring is one of the essential items you’ll need.

Tatami flooring is durable and gentle, making it ideal for areas with high activity or risk of falling. What places do you associate with the use of sports flooring based on these descriptions?

  • Sports clubs that offer disciplines like Judo, Karate, and Taekwondo
  • Kindergartens or children’s rooms
  • Senior living facilities
  • Home gyms

Tatami flooring has a firm and dense foam top layer as its most important feature, while the inner layer stays soft. These mats provide safety and comfort for individuals during exercise, play, or other activities. The surfaces of these sports flooring options are both durable and resilient.

Ribbed Tatami Mat

The textured surface of the mat enhances the grip for athletes’ feet. Tatami mats have raised patterns known as “ribs” or anti-slip ribs that prevent athletes from excessive sliding and keep them safe during workouts. The gym flooring color options are diverse and contribute to the space’s aesthetics, aside from safety considerations.

Honeycomb, diamond, straw, and needle ribs are the most commonly used types of ribs. Tatami mats made by Foamiran are usually created using straw ribs, although different rib patterns can also be used in their production.

Sport Flooring

Patterned Tatami Mat Flooring

Preschools, children’s play areas, and kids’ bedrooms frequently use Tatami mat flooring with patterns. The Tatami mat’s colorful and patterned design brings joy to children, encouraging them to play and jump with enthusiasm. Tatami mats are ideal for children’s rooms for two reasons: they are soft, durable, and impact-resistant, ensuring the safety of active kids, and they are cost-effective and budget-friendly, compared to other types of flooring.

Weight and thickness of tatami flooring

The weight of tatami flooring is light so that it is easy to carry and move. The weight of sports flooring depends on its thickness. For example, the weight of tatami flooring with a size of one in one and a thickness of ten millimeters is usually 1.5 kg.

Classification of Tatami Sports Flooring by Thickness:

  • This type of Tatami sports flooring is between 30-45mm thick and is ideal for sports clubs and combat sports arenas.
  • The 25mm thick Tatami Sports Flooring is perfect for women’s aerobic exercise rooms.
  • Tatami Sports Flooring, 20mm thick, ideal for kindergartens, playrooms, and children’s rooms.

Tatami Sports Flooring Price

Tatami sports flooring pricing is influenced by factors including raw materials, design, color, and thickness. If you want to buy Tatami sports flooring or inquire about the price, please get in touch with us.

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